May 29, 2024

AICCI Appoints Susanna Uusmaa as the Chapter CEO of Estonia

AICCI Appoints Susanna Uusmaa as the Chapter CEO of Estonia

In a landmark decision, the Africa International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AICCI) has announced the appointment of Susanna Uusmaa as the Chapter CEO of Estonia, effective May 29th, 2024. This strategic move reflects the AICCI’s commitment to leveraging top-tier leadership to foster economic development, innovation, and sustainable growth across the African continent.

A Visionary Leader with a Diverse Expertise

Susanna Uusmaa is celebrated for her visionary leadership and profound commitment to utilizing technology and innovation for social impact. Her extensive expertise spans various domains, including international trade, sustainable finance, real estate, information technology, and biomedical sciences. This multifaceted background equips her with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic global market.

Pioneering Change Through Technology and Innovation

Susanna’s career is marked by her role in co-founding multiple initiatives aimed at harnessing cutting-edge technology to drive social change and economic development. Her leadership in these ventures has demonstrated her ability to create impactful solutions and build sustainable business models. She holds memberships in several prestigious organizations such as the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. Her involvement in the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum further underscores her dedication to advancing technological frameworks and policies.

Robust Academic Foundation

Susanna’s academic achievements are both robust and diverse. She holds a BSc in Gene Technology from Tallinn University of Technology (TALTECH) and an MSBS in Biomolecular Sciences from Tallinn University, complemented by further studies at Luxembourg University. Additionally, she holds a license in Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World Views from Saylor Academy. This blend of education and practical experience positions her as a forward-thinking leader capable of addressing complex global challenges.

Strategic Roles and Global Impact

Throughout her professional journey, Susanna has held pivotal roles, including Partner and Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer at The Solomon Brokerage Firm, as well as Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder at the Quantum Brain Research Institute in Estonia. Her leadership in these roles has been characterized by strategic innovation, effective communication, and a dedication to fostering partnerships. She has successfully expanded business operations globally, driven the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, and integrated advanced technologies into mental health care.

Championing Industry Advancements

As a co-founder and leader of various organizations, including the Euro Trade Summit, Susanna has showcased her ability to organize mid-scale events, develop strategic communication plans, and advocate for industry advancements. Her role as Executive Chairwoman of the National Council of Estonia for WAMS (The World Academy of Medical Sciences) highlights her influence in the medical and scientific communities.

Connecting Global Networks

Susanna’s contributions extend to global networks and her ability to connect and engage with diverse stakeholders, from regulatory authorities to industry leaders, ensures that she can effectively represent and advance the interests of trade organizations worldwide.

Leading AICCI into the Future

With her deep commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and technological innovation, Susanna Uusmaa is poised to lead the international trade scene to new heights. Her vision, expertise, and dedication make her an invaluable asset in addressing global trade challenges. As the new Chapter CEO of AICCI, Susanna is expected to bring significant benefits to international trade, including enhanced trade finance mechanisms, efficient mediation and dispute resolution processes, and forward-thinking trade policies that support sustainable economic growth.

The AICCI and its stakeholders look forward to a new era of growth and innovation under Susanna Uusmaa’s leadership, anticipating a future where technology and sustainability drive the economic landscape of Africa and beyond.

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